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PDF splitter software reduces the size of large PDF file and makes them manageable.

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Accessing large sized PDF files can be problematic, as the email client, server and applications reject the transfer or access to these heavy and bulky documents. To make your PDF files manageable and easily accessible, switch to Kernel for PDF Split and Merge utility. This PDF splitter is a robust and powerful tool that lets you split and merge PDF files for quick access to important data. After splitting the PDF files you can manage the data in these large sized files easily and effectively.


PDF files are used across the nations for their high security and portability reasons for ease in electronic data exchange. PDF files are highly popular amongst writers, architects, students and professionals, who save their important data in these files to ensure ease in sharing and file transfer. PDF files are designed to be accessed in the same format on any operating system. However, to access a particular chunk of data from the document that comprises 1000 pages can be a real challenge. In order to resolve this situation and create manageable PDF documents, use free PDF Splitter and PDF combiner tool as it enables the user to split and merge PDF documents effectively.


Kernel for PDF Split and Merge is a robust, powerful and flexible PDF Splitter software using which you can split large sized PDF files on multiple parameters such as split by Page, Page Range, Size, Even Pages and Odd Pages. All these parameters to split PDF files help a user to split the large sized file as per his or her requirement and needs.


Additionally, while merging small sized PDF files to create presentation or important documents, you can prioritize pages in desired order to personalized requirements. Splitting or Merging a PDF using this PDF splitter software makes the data quickly accessible, manageable and transferable. Also, this saves a lot of space over your computer hard drives, as you can save the part of information that you require.


Leveraging on its read-only feature, this PDF splitter freeware maintains the data integrity of the file even after splitting or merging the original file. Kernel for PDF Split and Merge is a stand-alone PDF splitter utility and therefore, it doesn't require Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to be installed on the computer system for performing Split and Merge functions. In addition to all this, mentioned below are some of the key features of this online pdf splitter:


Software features :

Kernel for PDF Splitter tool 
Starting at $29
  • Doesn't require Adobe Reader/Acrobat for split and merge functions
  • Split or merge encrypted PDF file (if the password is known). However, no password is required if the PDF is encrypted with owner password
  • Split PDF files on multiple parameters such as Split by Page, Page Range, Size, Even pages or Odd pages.
  • Names the output split files in a sequential order to ease file identification
  • Prioritize page order priority while merging small PDF files
  • Allows you to add complete folder comprising multiple PDF files, so now you don't have to select PDF files one by one
  • Reduces the size of large PDFs and makes them manageable



The above mentioned features make free PDF Splitter and PDF Combiner is an ideal software to work with. Thus, splitting the file will help you share the file, where only a particular chunk of information from the file was required. Moreover, splitting or merging the file lets you have quick access to the information as you can keep the related information at one place and don't have to go through the entire document repeatedly for particular data. This online PDF splitter utility also helps you in reorganizing a manageable set of data and storing data effectively.


Free Evaluation Version ( PDF Splitter )

A PDF splitter freeware is available for download and evaluation purposes. The evaluation version works similar to the full version so that the user can have a fair idea of how the software works. However, the evaluation version displays a diagonal stamp in red color saying "Kernel for PDF Split and Merge" software demo on every page of the split or merged document. Hence purchase the full version of the software to experience flawless data manageability.


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